Peppermint Floral Water

Mentha piperita

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About this product

The peppermint leaves used in our Peppermint Water are gathered when fresh, thoroughly washed in cold water and used immediately. This guarantees a clean and refreshing product that has many uses. 

One of the many benefits of Peppermint Water is that it a small sip creates a cooling sensation in the mouth that refreshes your breath and cleanses the palette. 

Peppermint Water can also be added to your bath, used to refresh clothes and linens, and as a quick and refreshing application to the face and hands. 

When you want that little touch of luxury and a quick refreshing feeling, Akoma Peppermint Water is a great choice!


60ml - Blue bottle with spray pump
125ml  - Blue bottle with spray pump
250ml - Refill bottle with screw lid
500 ml Refill bottle with screw lid
1litre -Refill bottle with screw lid

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