Black Soap Liquid (Pump) 250ml - 1litre

Black Soap is multifunctional

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About this product

Our Liquid African Black Soap is made in Ghana (West Africa) exclusively which ensures that it is genuine. Black soaps made in the United States or Europe are often made with artificial ingredients and dyes that give them their black color.

One of our most popular products, our Liquid African Black Soap has a number of uses including removing makeup, treating acne and healing rough and dry skin. This Fairtrade soap can be used for bathing, showering and washing your hair, hands and feet. An additional plus is the soap s ability to gently fight the effects of aging and soothe the effects of sun damage.

If you haven’t tried Black Soap you haven’t lived.  If you are one of those women or men who prefers products like Origins, Body Shop, and Garden Botanika to Revlon then you will absolutely appreciate the Black Soap made by the Akoma Cooperative.  Made from cocoa pods, virgin coconut oil, and Shea Butter, this Soap packs vitamin A, C, and D power.  Loaded with anti-aging anti-oxidants, Black Soap is an essential for stressed out skin of all skin types.  The Soap is made in the traditional way by Pusu-Namogo villagers in Ghana who have worked to form a community cooperative that benefits all within their community.

Black Soap’s original recipe came from the neighboring country of Nigeria who had for a long time used coconut, palm, and Shea Butter in their Soaps.  Workers from Ghana took this receipt back to their country and began to play with the formula.  The villagers found that the pods discarded from cocoa production could be used in the lye process and altered the recipe to create “Black” Soap, allowing them to further utilize the waste in a productive manner.  The Soap is now made from raw Shea Butter, virgin coconut oil and cocoa pods.  That’s it.  Plain, simple, and deliciously good for your skin.

Buying Guide 

250ml  packed in bottle and with pump

500ml packed in bottle and with pump

1litre (Refill)  packed in bottle with screw lid

Ingredinets Aqua (water) *cocos nucifera(Coconut Oil), **butyrospermum parkii,(Raw Shea butter), Cocoa Pods 

*Certfied organic ingredients
**Contains 50% Certified fairtrade raw shea butter

Origin:  Produced in Ghana by the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society


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