Ghana Red Red Palm, Coconut Oil Shea Butter & Lemongrass Soap

Made for you with sustainable Ghanaian Palm Oil packed with Vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols)

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About this product

With both lemon grass and lemon oil, this smooth citrusy soap will wake up the senses and deliver a clean and refreshing finish to the skin. Like many of our soaps, the raw shea butter, raw palm oil from Ghana and raw coconut oil combine to create a complete skin treatment that lasts and lasts. Contains no harmful ingredients that can dry or damage your skin. Use this great formula in the winter to help get through those cold, cloudy days. You'll think Spring is just around the corner!

Main Ingredients:
30% Akoma cooperative Fairtrade Organic Raw shea Butter

Ghanaian Unrefined Fair Trade Red Palm Oil (Red Red)
Ghanaian Wetmilled Fair Trade Organic Coconut Oil
Essential Oils: Lemon and Lemongrass

Ingredients: *Sodium palmate, *Sodium cocoate, *Sodium shea butterate, Aqua, Cymbopogon flexuousus (lemongrass) oil, Citrus limonum (lemon) oil.    
*Certfied organic ingredients **Contains 30% Certified fairtrade oganic raw shea butter


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