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Bees Wax Yellow (Organic), Fair Trade

Cera flava

Cosmetic use only

Akoma's organic beeswax is prepared from raw beeswax in a fully certified organic and traditional process. The beeswax is filtered and then mixed with fullers earth to remove further impurities. The difference between the white and yellow wax is the fullers earth mixture is left longer in the white.

Africa is an ideal source of Organic Beeswax, an ingredient in many natural cosmetics, paints, crayons etc. Beeswax from non-organic hives has been found to accumulate residues of many pesticides and other products used to treat varroa mites that attack the bees. Our beeswax has no detected residues. There are many thousands of beekeepers in our producer groups so a large amount of organic beeswax is produce