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Betula Lenta Bark Oil

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Betula Lenta Bark Oil

Betula Lenta Bark Oil is the volatile oil obtained from the bark of the Sweet Birch, Betula lenta L., Betulaceae

Birch essential oil (Betula lenta) is a rare and hard to produce oil created from the steam distillation of the bark of the tree. It is native to southern Canada and north-eastern USA but also grows in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe.

Native Americans used birch leaves and dried bark as a tea to relieve aches and pains, cramps, colds, congestions, fevers.

Russians have used birch leaves in steam baths since recorded history.

Benefits and Common Uses

  • Frequently used in massage therapy and to support muscles and joints
  • Supports circulatory system
  • Supports respiratory function
  • Beneficial for oily skin conditions
  • Stimulating aroma promotes feelings of strength, warmth, and vitality

Blends well with
Citrus oils, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Rosewood


  • Birch essential oil is very strong and should be used with caution.
  • Always dilute your birch oil thoroughly with a carrier oil. Do not apply it neat.
  • Perform a patch test before going ahead with a larger quantity.
  • Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers should avoid birch essential oil.
  • Birch essential oil is not considered safe for children under the age of 12 because of its high salicylate levels.
  • Do not ingest birch essential oil.
  • It may interact with blood thinning medication, anticoagulant medication and aspirin.




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