Akoma are proud to announce that all our products are now Fair Trade USA certified. Our accreditation as a Fair Trade USA partner is a significant step towards achieving our mission to promote ethical and sustainable trade around the globe.

What Does Fair Trade USA Certification Mean?

In addition to our UK Fairtrade Foundation certification, Akoma can now display the Fair Trade Certified ™ seal on products for sale in the USA. The Fair Trade mark enables consumers to make a conscious choice to support Fair Trade values, and is a trusted symbol of our high quality standards and socially responsible trade practices.

Fair Trade Benefits Everyone

To gain Fair Trade USA certification, a supplier must meet rigorous selection standards, and conduct business in a way that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the planet. This means that the trading communities Akoma work with will always receive fair payment and fair trading terms for their produce. Our workers also benefit from safe working conditions and access to training and education.

At Akoma, we work in harmony with the environment by promoting sustainable, organic agriculture. We are committed to maintaining an ethical, transparent supply chain for premium whole food ingredients produced in Ghanaian cooperatives; to be enjoyed by consumers and manufacturers worldwide.

Community Development Funds

For every Fair Trade Certified™ product we sell, we contribute to a Community Development Fund. This is given to the trading communities we work with; who decide together where to allocate funding for community projects, vital services and improving local infrastructure. This approach helps entire communities rise from poverty, working together to create a better future.

How Akoma Is Making A Difference

In 2006 The Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society was founded to provide sustainable, dignified employment to villagers in Pusu-Namogo near Bolgatanga. Here, women living in one of Ghana’s poorest regions are employed at the Akoma Facility, to harvest and produce our premium, natural, organic raw shea butter. To generate income throughout the year, the Akoma cooperative also produce handmade soaps, clothing, baskets and hats, using traditional techniques.

How Your Purchases Make A Difference

Every time you purchase an Akoma product, our contribution to the Community Development Fund benefits The Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society. In Pusu-Namogo, funds are being used to renovate and develop the primary school. In a region where many parents cannot afford to educate their children and illiteracy rates are high, your purchases are funding classrooms, desks, a library and school equipment; giving hope to future generations.

Proud To Support Fair Trade

The Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society was the first cooperative in Ghana to receive UK Fairtrade certification for its Shea Butter products in 2009. Our newfound USA certification is testament to our commitment to consumers and to the communities we trade with.

At Akoma, we believe that trade should be equitable for all, regardless of status or global positioning. Trade conditions for vulnerable communities should not be governed by powerful profit driven corporations. Our certification with Fair Trade USA will be instrumental in helping us to raise awareness of the benefits of socially and environmentally sustainable supply chains.

Whenever and wherever consumers see the Fair Trade mark on our packaging they will know Akoma is a brand they can trust.