Good morning!

And todays topic will be 'greenwashing'.

Open your text books please.  Greenwashing is now a well known term used to talk about companies using green polices to hide unethical business practices. I am tempted to suggest that we play a game now where we list companies we think might be doing this. Instead I suggest you look above at the example used, here Tesco suggested that we cut back on energy in the home only to hop on a plane later.

I am starting to get fed up of larger companies failure to really examine their business practises instead using green washing.

Tesco's are right 'every little helps' but this is only the case if everything else you do doesnt make that little bit worthless.

Here at Akoma Skincare we believe that business practise should be traceable and transparent. We expect consumers to demand that we are accountable for our actions and we feel that this is the way all business should be done, no matter how large or small.

Take care