Chamomile Extract Glycolic

Matricaria recutita Flower Extract

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Matricaria recutita Flower Extract

Extracted from the flowers into glycerine

Therapeutic (external use); beauty products

Akoma’s Chamomile Extract is from the flowers of Matricaria recutita, also known as German chamomile, extracted into a solution of glycol.  As this product is soluble in water it is ideal for inclusion in aqueous creams and other water-soluble formulas. 

Traditionally, chamomile has been renowned for treating sensitive skin because of its particular anti-inflammatory properties – active flavonoid and essential oil compounds which have been proven effective by clinical studies.  These anti-inflammatory compounds inhibit histamine release and neutralize free radicals (molecules which damage skin cells).  These compounds also widen blood vessels, facilitating blood flow and its transportation of nutrients and immune cells to the skin.  This extract is therefore ideal for use as an additive in lotions, cleansers, salves and balms for the treatment of sensitive skin, dermatitis and eczema, as well as moisturizing treatments of ordinary skin. 

  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Analgesic (pain relief)
  • Anti-allergen
  • Wound and burn therapy
  • Helps counter stress
  • Soothes sunburnt skin

The terpenoid components give chamomile extract its natural moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – all of which make it excellent as an additive in sun lotion and soothing after-sun balm.  These bioactive ingredients condition the skin and improve elasticity. 

Chamomile extract is also popular as an additive for shampoo and other care products for blonde hair.

Not to be taken internally.  Chamomile is generally considered a safe product. When undiluted, avoid contact with skin and, in particular, the eye area. Chamomile may interact with warfarin, causing an additional anticoagulant effect.


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