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Citric Acid Food Grade

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Colour: White Aroma: Odourless Shelf life: 2 - 4 years

Citric Acid Monohydrate

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Citric Acid Monohydrate

Skincare, cosmetics, and food use.


Citric acid serves as an environmentally benign cleaning agent and acts as an antioxidant. Its also a natural preservative and is used to add its own special flavour to foods and soft drinks and occurs naturally in many juices.

The fine white powder is odorless and easily soluble in water. Its chelating effect neutralizes minerals to enhance the activity of antioxidants and preservatives. 

Uses: shampoos, shower gels, creams, lotions, and when combined with sodium bicarbonate, creates a fizzing action in the bath.


None known 


Assay Anhydrous basis  100 +/- 0.5%

Water  7.5 – 8.8% maximum
Sulphated Ash   - Meets USP requirements
Calcium  -  75 ppm maximum
Oxalate ( as Oxalic acid) - 100 ppm maximum
Sulphate - 150 ppm maximum
Heavy metals s Lead - 5 ppm maximum
Lead - 0.5 ppm maximum
Iron - 5 ppm maximum
Mercury - 1 ppm maximum
Arsenic - 1 ppm maximum
Tridodecylamine - Meets FCC requirements
Ultraviolet absorbance - Complies with FCC test
Readily Carbonisable substances - Passes test
Organic Volatile impurities - Compliance with UCP test