Black Soap from Ghana 1kg Bulk - Limited Range

Soap packs vitamin A, C, and D power. 

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If you haven’t tried Black Soap you haven’t lived.  If you are one of those women or men who prefers products like Origins, Body Shop, and Garden Botanika to Revlon then you will absolutely appreciate the Black Soap made by the Akoma Cooperative.  Made from cocoa pods, virgin coconut oil, and Shea Butter, this Soap packs vitamin A, C, and D power. 

Loaded with anti-aging anti-oxidants, Black Soap is an essential for stressed out skin of all skin types.  The Soap is made in the traditional way by Pusu-Namogo villagers in Ghana who have worked to form a community cooperative that benefits all within their community.

This soap has a very faint scent of Litsea cubeba (Maychang) Essential Oil 

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