Oatmeal & Almond handmade Soap- UNBOXED OFF CUTS

With Cedarwood Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil

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About this product

Like so many of our products, this spicy blend of cedarwood, orange, and lime essential oils is made with Akoma Fair Trade Raw Organic Shea Butter, along with our virgin organic coconut and olive oil. The addition of oatmeal and almond flakes creates a deep cleaning action that fully restores your skin and gives you that little tingle while the rich, healthy that leaves your skin feeling like new. A wonderful experience and one of our best sellers!

Directions: Use our almond soap in your bath as a regular hand and body soap, work up a rich creamy lather and with a body sponge and thoroughly wash your body.
Ingredients: **Akoma Cooperative Raw Shea Butter,,Akoma Virgin Organic Coconut Oil,Cederwood essential oil,Orange essential oil,Lime essential oil, Oatmeal flakes, Almond Flakes.
*Certfied organic ingredients  **Contains fairtrade oganic raw shea butter

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