Detox & Purifying shea butter soap with tropical plant extract and Green Clay

With green orange leaves, French green clay, oils of Bergamont & Geranium

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About this product

Here is a refreshing, all natural soap with a special blend of tropical herbs and plants formulated to rid your body of toxins. These shea butter soaps give a real boost to tired, lifeless skin and contain green clay, well known for its ability to remove the impurities that keep your skin from feeling fresh and renewed.

Full of vitamins and other nourishments for your skin, our Detox and Purifying Shea Butter Soap will become a part of your  cant live without list! Also containing raw shea butter, unrefined palm kernel oil and dried African mango leaves, these soaps exfoliate dead, dry skin, replacing it with fresh and healthy skin for a whole new experience in skincare!  
Ingredients: **Akoma Cooperative Raw Shea Butter olive oil, coconut oil, unrefined palm kernal oil,  dried neem leaves, dried African Mango leaves, dried African Papaya leaves, dried African green orange leaves, green clay, oils of Bergamont & Geranium.
*Certfied organic ingredients  **Contains fairtrade oganic raw shea butter


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