Fullers Earth Clay

Fullers Earth Clay

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Fullers Clay, Oil Absorption Clay, Earth Clay, Bleaching Clay, and Whitening Clay


100% naturally occurring quarry mined (intergrowth of hormite and smectite minerals)


Cosmetics and External use only


This highly absorbent powder has a number of uses including treating oily skin and preventing acne and blemishes. Fullers can be used as a mask or as part of a mask formula. For those of you making your own products, add a tablespoon to your favorite soap recipe to remove the stubborn dirt and grease that leads to blemishes and problem skin.

Fullers can also be used as a natural, chemical-free treatment for insect bites when mixed with water and apple cider vinegar to form a thin paste that can be applied to the bite. 

Another great multi-use product from Akoma Skin Care!


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