Hops HG Extract

Humulus lupulus

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Humulus lupulus 

Extracted from the cones into glycerine and water

Therapeutic (external use); beauty products

Hops HG extract is derived from the fruits of the hop plant which look like small pine-cones.  Its wide-ranging therapeutic properties make it an excellent addition to skin-care and beauty products:

  • One of its bioactive properties, xanthohumol, inhibits enzymes that break down collagen and elastin and cause the skin to age.  Hops extract therefore promotes skin suppleness and elasticity by protecting collagen and elastin and promotes softer skin.
  • Hops extract contains potent antibacterial compounds that are excellent for treating acne-prone skin, as well as sores and other skin infections.  It is an excellent cleanser and antiseptic.
  • Anti-inflammatory tannins and sedative compounds within the extract contribute to it being an excellent skin soother.  
  • Its bioactive chemical asparagine promotes lymph circulation, transporting toxins and excess fluids from the skin and natural plant oestrogens contribute to hormonal balance.

    Having such a wide range of benefits, hops is an increasingly popular ingredient in creams, lotions, salves, body butters and hair products.
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-seborrhea
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Hair-colour protection
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-irritant
  • Protects against hair loss

When undiluted, avoid contact with skin and, in particular, the eye area.
Toxic to dogs


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