Akoma Shea Butter Raw

Akoma Shea Butter Raw

Our Certified Raw Shea butter (Grade A) is produced with great care and pride in Ghana by the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society. Processed from nuts gathered from the karite tree grown in Bolgatanga Upper East Region Ghana, raw shea butter is often referred to as karite butter. Soothing and extremely therapeutic, it helps renews cracked, aged and damaged skin and can help heal bruising and soreness.

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The power of Shea Butter Raw Unrefined

Renowned for its health benefits, shea butter has been used by Africans for thousands of years. It is unusual from other cosmetic products in that it actually encourages your skin to absorb moisture from the air ensuring that your skin becomes softer and stays moisturised for longer. Regular users of our Fairtrade Raw Organic Shea Butter notice they have softer, smoother, healthier skin

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