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Marula Oil, Unrefined,Cold Pressed, Virgin (Fairly Traded)

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Origin: South Africa Colour: Pale yellow to golden yellow Aroma: Faint nutty

Sclerocarya Birrea  Seed Oil

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Sclerocarya Birrea  Seed Oil

Cold pressed unrefined

Therapeutic; beauty products

The Marula tree is indigenous to Southern and West Africa. The fruits of the tree, together with its nut and the nut’s oil, have played an important role in African diet and culture throughout the centuries.

The seed of the fruit, or kernel, is encased in a hard shell. Once the hard shell has been removed, the oil is obtained by cold pressing the nut. Marula oil absorbs into the skin exceptionally easily – to the extent that it is described as a ‘dry’ oil. The skin can therefore benefit from the oil’s essential fatty acids, moisturizing and therapeutic benefits, without leaving a residue or sheen on the skin. This makes it a very useful oil for use in facial care products and for use on oily skins: to hydrate and soften without leaving ‘heaviness’ on the skin. Even those suffering from dry skin conditions, such as eczema, who dislike the ‘heaviness’ of an oil that leaves a residue on the skin, may prefer to use this highly penetrative oil, with all its attendant vitamins and skin-restoring nutrients.

Marula oil’s nourishing effect is enhanced by its natural content of vitamins C and E. Vitamin C is vital in the formation of collagen – the tissue which gives skin its firmness – as well as having the powerful antioxidant properties. Only a small amount of dietary vitamin C reaches the skin and studies have shown that applying vitamin C topically is twenty times more effective for the skin than when taken orally. Vitamin E provides natural anti-oxidants – beneficial for their anti-aging, protective effects on the skin ¬– and also gives the product a natural preservative, increasing its shelf-life. Being such a stable product, marula oil can be added to formulas to increase their longevity. It is a good, stable fat for use in soap-making.

Richness in omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids adds to the oil’s ability to protect against UV rays and aids skin regeneration at the cellular level. Its palmitic acid (omega 7) content is excellent for treating dry, mature and damaged skin.

For its super absorbency, stability and high nutrition, this treasured African oil is a valuable ingredient for some of today’s most effective and innovative cosmetics and therapeutic skin formulas. Its benefits can be added to hair, lip and nail products alike.

Common uses: Carrier oil for aromatherapy and cosmetics, anti aging face cream, oils and serums, baby cream; it is also used in shampoo for dry damaged and fragile hair types and as a component of lipsticks.

To be avoided for those who have nut allergies