Eczema is a skin condition which makes areas of the skin inflamed and itchy.

There are a number of subgroups of the condition but generally sufferers have dry skin which turns red and flakes away.

The condition is thought to be genetic and runs in families, but environmental factors can have a big impact on whether the sufferer gets regular flare ups. 

It is non-contagious and often clears up into adulthood. 

Eczema signs and symptoms:
Eczema most commonly affects areas of the body where there are bends or creases in the skin, such as elbows, knees, around the wrists and the neck. It can affect any part of the skin, including the face.  

The areas of skin where eczema is active will be red, dry and itchy. Watery blisters are also common, making the skin thicken and becomes sore.

Lifestyle tips: 

For those suffer with eczema, it’s extremely important to keep the skin soft and supple.

After washing, thoroughly moisturise with a natural product, free from chemicals that might cause flare ups, to keep the skin healthy and lubricated.

Soaps particularly can dry the skin so try to use them less during flare ups to prevent irritation. 

It’s also advised to keep your home at a moderate temperature as eczema rashes can be made worse by extreme temperature changes. 

Diet tips: 

If your eczema is flaring up regularly, it could help to change what you eat and drink.

Fresh vegetables and fruit are packed with vitamins A and D which help to rebuild healthy skin cells and protect the skin from scarring.

Also introduce omega 3 rich foods, such as mackerel or salmon, into your daily diet as these fatty acids help to reduce inflammation.

Akoma recommends:

For eczema sufferers, keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day is extremely important.

Akoma Coconut Butter is light moisturiser that penetrates the three layers of skin to soothe eczema rashes. It is rich in antioxidants, minerals, protein, vitamin E and fiber which all work together to calm any itchy flare ups your might experience.

The butter is 100% virgin and organic, and contains no GMO ingredients, making it an ideal moisturiser for those who suffer with generally sensitive skin.

For bathing or washing, use Akoma Black Soap as a natural cleanser which won’t dry out the skin. It’s made from raw shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil and cocoa pods that gently treat infections.

Black soap is also rich in antioxidants that improve the general health of your skin, helping it recover from bad eczema flare ups.