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Palm Kernel Oil Unrefined Fairly Traded Cold Pressed

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Origin: Ghana Colour: Yellowish Aroma: Nutty
Elaeis Guineensis
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Elaeis Guineensis

Cold Pressed 


Palm kernel oil is one of the most extensively used natural oils in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It has been used for various health care benefits for more than fifty years. 

The palm fruit is the source of both palm oil, which is extracted from palm fruit and palm kernel oil, extracted from the fruit seeds. Palm Kernel Oil characteristics resemble those of coconut oil and the oil is often used in place of coconut oil.  The oil is also commonly used in hard soaps that lather well due to good saturation and a low molecular weight.

There are two kinds of palm oil, namely palm fruit oil and palm kernel oil. Both oils are highly rich in natural ingredients that offer countless health benefits. Some of the widely known benefits of palm kernel oil are discussed below:

  • Palm kernel oil contains toctrienols, which keeps the skin moisturized and free of wrinkles and age spots.
  • Palm kernel oil is used in various anti-aging treatments for smooth and soft skin.
  • It contains a plethora of fatty acids that are essential for physical fitness and mental health.
  • Palm kernel oil alleviates joint pain.
  • It elevates the hair growth and contributes towards thicker hair.

The above-mentioned benefits are only some of the benefits provided by the palm kernel oil. 

Common uses:  Soaps, ointments, haircare

Non known 



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