Sodium Bicarbonate

sodium hydrogen carbonate

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Sodium hydrogen carbonate 

Skincare, haircare, food and cosmetics use only

A solid white crystalline powder, sodium bicarbonate is a strong alkaline that is often used as a cleaning agent in the wash or when bathing. Also found in such items as natural toothpastes and deodorants, food grade Sodium Bicarbonate is safe to use and adds a clean, refreshing touch and scent.

And, of course, Sodium Bicarbonate is well known ability to treat heartburn, indigestion and other irritations to the stomach a true multipurpose product that you cant live without. 

Please note: This is food grade Sodium Bicarbonate and DOES NOT contain any traces of aluminum.

None known 


Sodium Bicarbonate 99 – 100.5% maximum
Carbonate 0.23% maximum
Loss on Drying  0.25% maximum
Ammonium 20 mg/kg maximum
Arsenic 2 mg/kg maximum
Calcium 100 mg/kg maximum
Chloride 150 mg/kg maximum
Heavy Metals 5 mg/kg maximum
Lead 2 mg/kg maximum
Iron 20 mg/kg maximum
Limits of Sulphur Compounds 150 mg/kg maximum
pH of freshly prepared 5% solution 8.6 maximum

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