Glycerine, Organic

100% Organic Glycerine, PALM FREE

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Glass Bottle 30ml ,60ml , 125ml , 250ml 
Aluminium 500ml , 1000ml 




100% Glycerin ( Extracted by saponification process of Karanja or Mahawa oil (non Palm).


Skincare, haircare, and cosmetics. 


Glycerin is a neutral, sweet-tasting, colourless, thick liquid.  It is commonly used in the manufacture of clear soaps, lip balms, hand lotions, hair products, and moisturizing creams for its cleansing, emollient, humectant, and softening properties.  Although conventional glycerin is associated with industrial processes, our glycerin is created from the natural process of saponification.  The oils we use in this process – Karanja or Mahawa oil ­­– are both sustainably and organically sourced and the final product is graded as suitable for therapeutic and food use.   By contrast, most conventionally-produced glycerin brokered on the open market is a by-product of industrial processes, may contain impurities, and is often from an untraceable source. 

Having a high quality, naturally-sourced glycerin is particularly important when used in body products because it is often used in formulations to treat wounds, burns, rashes, eczema or skin, and hair that is generally dry or damaged.  It can be further irritating to sensitive skin if the products used to try and solve the problem are actually from an impersonal, industrial process (most conventional glycerin is a byproduct from biodiesel manufacturing).  Our customers who want to use this versatile ingredient – whether in home-made lip balms, soaps or moisturisers, or even food use ­– can use our organic product with confidence that it is both ethically sourced and a pure, safe-to-use product. 

For food use, glycerin is an ingredient that can add sweetness and moisture.  It metabolises in a different way to sugar, does not contribute to tooth decay, and is suitable for creating lower carbohydrate foods. 

Our organic glycerin is ideal for those who like to make their own soaps and have control of what goes into them – whether for therapeutic needs or creative preference.  Making soap and natural beauty products have become popular cottage industries in recent years and having access to organic-grade ingredients helps to create truly luxurious merchandise.

Glycerin is also used as a solvent by herbalists who need an alternative to alcohol for extracting material from plants – to create herbal tinctures that are suitable for children, pets, and others for whom alcohol-free products are best.

Glycerin’s anti-bacterial quality and ability to cleanse and treat the skin without blocking pores also make it a popular ingredient in formulations for acne and oily skin.

Added to hair products, it is therapeutic for dry, brittle hair, restoring health and shine. 

  • non-irritating
  • anti-bacterial
  • Emollient
  • Humectant

Common uses: Popular as an ingredient in toothpaste, cosmetics (including lipstick, lip-gloss, and eye-shadow), shampoos, lip balms, hand lotions, hair products, shaving products, and creams; herbal remedies; glycerin soaps and other household items; in formulations for dry and damaged skin.


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