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Allanblackia floribunda Butter (100%)

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Allanblackia floribunda Butter (100%)

Cold-pressing of the wild-collected seeds.

Allanblackia butter is obtained from the seeds of the Allan blackia floribunda tree that grows mostly in the West African region and in some East African countries. The tree grows wild and the butter is produced from the cold pressing of wild-collected allanblackia seeds.

This unrefined, first-grade butter (vegan) makes a good substitute for cocoa butter, shea butter and palm oil; and, where a blend is desired, will combine well with other oils in your cosmetic formulas. It is non-shiny. The cold-pressed oil quickly solidifies into a non-greasy/dry butter that is relatively hard, making it ideal for use in soaps and lipsticks.

For those concerned about the provenance of their palm oil, allanblackia butter is an ideal substitute as the wild-collected seeds are from a local source that works in harmony with the local community and environment.

Uses for Allanblackia butter vary according to the region in which the species occur. In West Africa, in parts of Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, the seeds of Allanblackia in the region have been traditionally collected by local communities for food (e.g., as a cooking oil), and for the making of soap.

The fatty acid constituents of the butter are made up of primarily stearic acid (43% - 63%) and oleic acid (30% - 40%), followed by minor amounts of palmitic acid (1% - 8%%) and linoleic acid (0% - 6%).

It is ideal for several cosmetic applications due to its high oxidative stability and homogenous triglyceride composition which ensures relatively stable emulsions. It also has very good storage stability due to the presence of tocopherol as a minor constituent. It can be used as a subsititute for shea butter and cocoa butter. The fact that it does not require additional transformation to acquire the desired characteristics is an added advantage.

Benefits and Common Uses

Allanblackia butter makes an ideal ingredient in 

    • Moisturising products
    • Cleansing products
    • Hair care products
    • Lipsticks
    • Vegan products
    • Baby care products
    • Soaps.

Suggested percentage use in products: From 1% Solubility: Not water-soluble. Can be mixed/blended with other oil-based products. Melting point: 28 – 44 °C. Do not heat above 60°C


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