Seje (Ungurahua) Oil

Oenocarpus bataua (Ungurahui)

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Glass Bottle 30ml , 100ml , 250ml 
Aluminium 500ml , 1000ml 

Oenocarpus bataua (Ungurahui) Oil

Cold pressed

Cosmetic use only 

Used both in cooking and in soaps, candles and all natural cosmetics, Seje Oil is a strong antioxidant that contains low concentrations of saturated fatty acids. This is a great choice as a vegetable oil as it has a higher level of nutrition than conventional oils along with important bioactive compounds and a high oleic acid content. Studies show that Seje Oil also has medicinal properties and can help ward off bronchitis and other such pulmonary conditions when used both in cooking or as part of an inhalation oil. 

As with all Akoma products, our Seje Oil is naturally harvested and kept in its original, natural state. It contains no processing ingredients, colors or other additives. 

A great alternative to olive and other oils, explore the many uses for Seje Oil today!

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