Sodium Stearoly Lactylate -Monolux SSL- (Emulsifier

Sodium Stearoly Lactylate

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Sodium Stearoly Lactylate

Cometic use only

When it comes to emulsifiers,SSL is in a class of its own, used in the food industry for many years Lacatylates offer a great skin feel and moisturisation in your formulations.

The natural edible lactylates are new to personal care and due to their properties and mild nature can used to formuulate numerous skincare products.

SSL on the skin acts as a fatting agent. It imparts an elegant feel to cleansing systems and cosmtic formulations.

Soil Association permitted emulsifier
Produced from renewable raw materials, lactic acid source is derived by fermentation process from sugar beet and stearic acid is derived from sustainable palm oil
Completely biodegradable
Non-GMO- Food Grade
Mild Emulsifier
Imparts a wonderful elegant skin feel due to moisturising properties

Common uses: Creams, Lotions, Soap, Shampoos and Liquid Soaps.

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