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Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic

Helianthus annus

Expeller pressed/Partially Refined

Therapeutic; beauty and hair products

Akoma’s sunflower oil is expeller pressed from the seeds of the flower.  The sunflower, Helianthus annus, originated in North America where it was cultivated by the American Indians as long ago as 3,000 BC.  The oil was used on the skin and hair, as well as being an ingredient in bread-making.  The sunflower was initially popular in Europe as an ornament but was being milled for its oil by the eighteenth century. 

The oil is very high in essential fatty acids ­– fats which are essential to health but which the body cannot manufacture on its own ­– and, in particular, linoleic acid. 

Sunflower oil excellent as a carrier oil – either by itself or in blends with other oils – and is easily absorbed.  Its combination of essential fatty acids and vitamins create a regenerating, softening, moisturizer which is good for all skin types and, in particular, dry, mature and sensitive skin.  It speeds up healing of epidermal damage, including ulcers, bruises, wounds and acne.  The oil helps seal in moisture, so its effects are long-lasting. 

The vitamins within many of the carrier oils contain a myriad of skin-building ingredients and sunflower oil is no exception: vitamin A stimulates and increases the deposition of collagen and supports elastin (which gives skin its elasticity); vitamin D promotes the skin’s barrier against foreign microbes.  B1 helps to boost the immune system, B2 has antioxidant properties and both help in blood cell production.  B6 is thought to be effective in treating and preventing acne, as well as being important for nerve function and generating haemoglobin and antibodies.  Vitamin E contains powerful antioxidants.  The antioxidant properties of the vitamin also protect the oil itself from oxidizing and breaking down, thereby increasing its stability and shelf life. 

The oil is also rich in protein, lecithin and minerals. 

Common uses: Soaps, moisturizing creams and lotions; skin cleansers and conditioners; in massage blends.

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