Akoma’s Day out of the Office: Visiting St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Derby

The sun shone last Friday afternoon (10/06/2011) on us all, as we went along to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Derby. Akoma went to St Joseph’s School and participated in their annual summer fair. It was a lovely day as the children put on their displays of gymnastics and the school choir provided some lovely music and song to our ears. We also enjoyed the tasteful food cooked on the BBQ and watched the children materialise with faces painted as lions and showing off their fake tattoos.

Akoma displayed their Certified Fairtrade and Organic Raw Shea Butter and African Black Soap from Ghana. It was lovely to learn that the children knew about Fairtrade and the significance of the mark. We shared with the children and their parents the story about the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society and the journey of Akoma’s Raw Shea Butter and Ghanaian Black Soap.

They were intrigued how the lovely creamy Shea Butter derived from the Shea Nut. They were equally interested on how the money from our Fairtrade products was used to pay for the women of the Akoma Cooperative and their families, medical insurance. In addition, we explained and showed them how the Fairtrade premium provided cloth to make the children’s school uniform.

We had fun, allowing the children to touch, feel, smell and try the Shea Butter and Black Soap. In addition, having the photographs depicting the story of shea butter from the Akoma Cooperative, having the shea nuts and products to try, made the experience of learning fun for all. Yes, it was a great day out of the office, must have a few more of these.

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