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  • Ghana Mission

    Our mission is to help change a million lives for the better.

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  • Akoma Cooperative

    Founded in 2006, the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society is a non-government organisation

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  • Community Projects

    Akoma has been working to improve the lives and facilities of its workers in Pusu-Namogo, near Bolgatanga...

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  • Million lives changed

    By choosing products from Akoma, you're helping to improve the lives of everyone who works in our Fairtrade...

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Excellent customer experiences

  • Your guide to wellness

    Akoma all-natural products use the purest plant ingredients, specially chosen for their healing properties, to give you a wonderful sense of luxury every time you use them.
    Your guide to wellness
  • We’re certified

    We’re certified

    These unique, high quality beauty products are made using only pure plant ingredients and are renowned for their natural healing properties, giving a new level of comfort and luxury at affordable prices.