Dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin is a condition that happens when your skin has low water content. It can be a long-standing issue or only affect you for a couple of days depending on factors like lifestyle, environment and incorrect skincare.


Dehydrated skin signs and symptoms:
Skin dehydration is different from skin dryness but the two share some common symptoms. Dehydrated skin can appear sallow, flaky and rough to touch. For the sufferer, their skin will feel tight and irritated, fine lines may also start to form.

The most recognised sign of dehydration is when the skin doesn’t bounce back after touch and loses its plumpness. 

Lifestyle tips:
Those who excessively drink large quantities of alcohol have a higher risk of suffering from severely dehydrated skin. One reason for this is that alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it increases urination. 

Environmental factors can also have a big impact on the water content of your skin. Constant exposure to the sun evaporates water from within your skin’s layers, causing it to dry out and burn. Spending a lot of time in a close room with either heating or air conditioning can cause similar problems and create premature ageing, especially in sensitive areas.

Diet tips:

When your skin starts to become dehydrated, it’s important to recognise the symptoms and increase your water consumption to help it recover.

Increase your intake of essential fatty acids to help to protect your skin and prevent it from becoming dehydrated in future. Eat foods that are rich in omega 3 to maintain your body’s fatty membranes, keeping your skin healthy. Introduce oily fish and leafy green vegetables, such as salmon, sardines, cabbage and brussel sprouts, into your diet and eat them regularly.

Akoma recommends:

Dehydrated skin benefits from moisturisers with a high vitamin content. Akoma Shea Butter has unrivalled properties for improving general skin issues. 

It is packed with principal fatty acids that give the butter increased levels of vitamin A and E along with plenty of other antioxidants. These help to deeply soothe sore patches of dry skin and protect against further damage in future.

Akoma Apricot Butter is also recommended as a product rich in healing vitamins. It is an effective anti-ageing moisturiser as it gives the skin pure vitamin A. For those with dehydrated skin, apricot butter creates a non-greasy barrier that cleanses pores and acts as a barrier against pollutants.