Akoma Philosophy

Our mission is to help change a million lives for the better, and this forms the basis for our philosophy. Our transparent and traceable supply chain reassures our customers, who choose to work with us because of our strong ethical standards.

We are a business with a conscience

We work hard to provide opportunities for those who work with us to grow and change their lives, and those around them. We pay a fair price, and help our workers gain skills, training and a sense that they are in control of their own lives. We aim to lead the way by representing the best in Fairtrade policies and ensuring all our activities have a positive impact on the communities of Ghana.

Akoma UK works with the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society, a non-government organisation to run its own purpose-built cooperative in Ghana (as well as working with other cooperatives in Ghana) to manufacture the best-quality raw shea butter and other products, and import these to the UK. The cooperative was built to give local people, in particular women, the opportunity to rise out of poverty.

The Fairtrade Foundation is committed to tackling poverty and injustice through trade. The Foundation works with businesses, civil society organisations and individuals to improve the position of producer organisations and to help them achieve sustainable improvements for their members and their communities. Our raw shea butter and black soap products are certified Faritrade.

We aim to educate others on the importance of organic farming and processing. We respect nature and the environment, and work in tandem with the seasons to get the best out of the natural produce of the area. Several of our products, including our raw shea butter, are certified by the The Soil Association.