Community Projects

Akoma has been working to improve the lives and facilities of its workers in Pusu-Namogo, near Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana. A poverty-stricken area, the village has benefited in recent years from a number of projects instigated and funded by Akoma.

The Akoma processing centre

Our purpose-built centre has been designed and built for the many processes that are involved in producing raw shea butter. The centre is also capable of handling soap production, cocoa butter processing and oil extraction (from the baobab tree). The Akoma facility currently produces over 100 tonnes of shea butter a year and has the storage capacity for approximately 12,000 sacks of shea nuts.

Primary school

As a first priority, Akoma is renovating the Pusu-Namogo primary school, where the buildings are currently dilapidated and incomplete. Over the next five years, Akoma will use the premium for education and developing facilities for children. These plans include a library, information technology centre, desks and school equipment.

Community projects

Akoma is committed to helping the whole community, with a range of initiatives including the following: 

  • Workers receiving training in areas such as: health and safety at work and disease control, to help their employment opportunities.
  • The creation and improving of facilities, e.g. libraries, schools, clinics, sanitary conveniences, etc.
  • Children receive the help they need to protect them from disease.
  • Sharing knowledge of government or charitable schemes for generating income.
  • Respite care being available for the elderly or infirm.

For more information visit the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society website.