Amazonian Beauty - Andiroba Oil (Cold Pressed)

I have decided to look at carrier oils. This is a progression from sharing with you my personal battle with Eczema. Also because our customers ask about these wonderful oils as they grow in popularity. We have also found people’s interest in carrier oils, including mine is continually growing. Remember education and learning is all around us, it’s never ending.  

I have decided to firstly look at Andiroba Oil, a new addition to the Akoma range of carrier oils. This golden colour oil with its earthy smell intrigues me, mainly because of its many uses.

Andiroba Oil derives from the Andiroba tree, normally found in the Amazon rainforest. However, it has been reported the trees are cultivated in Brazil. The rich oil is extracted from the seeds or kernels found in the nut, resembling a chestnut. Indigenous people have been using the oil for centuries in its pure format or mixed with other oils or other parts of the tree. Used as an insect repellent for topical diseases, skin wounds, to relive arthritis and rheumatism. In addition, tea was made from the bark of the tree to relieve fever.

I found that this oil has a lot of beneficial and therapeutic properties for healing and moisturizing the skin. Some additional uses for Andiroba Oil is the treatment of eczema (may give this one a try on my own eczema), acne, psoriasis and as an insect repellent. Furthermore, I found this multipurpose oil could be used to relax muscles (maybe perfect for message), reduce inflammation and used as a basis in moisturizers.

The information present about this oil is endless so what I present is just the tip of the ice berg. I feel this oil is one to have in the first aid box. But as the summer holiday season is not too far away, to keep those mosquitoes and insects away maybe Andiroba Oil should be first on that all important holiday list!