Forget your Shaving cream... Use Virgin Organic Coconut oil!

That's right! get rid of all your fancy shaving creams and give Virgin Organic Coconut oil a try. Shaving with Coconut oil can reduce acne, spots and create a smooth shaving experience.

Step 1.

Take a good sized amount of the oil, make sure you get all the area you want to shave covered.

Step 2. 

Take your razor blade and start shaving. Make sure that the area is covered with oil before you begin shaving and shave in the direction that the hair naturally grows this will also prevent razor bumps.

Step 3.

After shaving wash off any extra oil left on skin. Wash off oil residue, and towel dry your face.

Extra Optional step.  

Take a small amount of grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil and massage into skin this should absorb very quickly into the skin.

Note to women

This is great for shaving your legs too!


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