More on Virgin Coconut oil...

A few things you might not know about Virgin Coconut oil...

1. Did you know Coconut oil is great for weight loss? you might not think it but, the body needs fats to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. Not enough good fats  in our diets can actually lead to obesity - it's true!  Fats contained in Virgin Organic coconut oil are quickly used by the liver, thus giving it no time at all to accumulate in the body.  Virgin Organic Coconut oil also speeds up metabolism, thus burning more fat - isn't that great??

2. Virgin Coconut Organic Coconut oil is a great butter or margarine just gets better!

3.  Virgin Coconut Organic Coconut oil is a good oil for frying - it's better for you than other cooking oils too!

4. Virgin Organic Coconut oil is not easily spoilt  and has Long shelf-life which means it's a great product to buy in bulk

5. Virgin Organic Coconut oil has anti-aging properties - The oil can also be applied to the skin (it truly is a multi-purpose oil) it works by removing dead skin cells, rejuvenating skin  and giving skin a healthy glow.  It is often used to remove make-up or lubricate the skin for shaving.