Natural Alternatives

I currently have the flu, so I am writing this while wrapped up nice and warm with a mug of honey and lemon. The reason I mention this is that I often try to find a natural alternative to drugs if possible. I've found I have less migraines when I drink more water for example, there are many many natural alternatives to drugs that are now very well known.

However before for Akoma I never really thought what I put on body - in my bath, under my arms, in my hair and on my teeth. I never really stopped to think that I had no idea what's in my deodorant or moisturiser. Truth is, we don't fully know the effects of these products on our skin, it's not a 100% clear if they are cancer risks or not. While we continue not to know we continue to apply our foundation and lipstick without worry.  What if there where natural alternatives to these products? Well there probably is a home-made, natural alternative to each and every product we use.

In making our own natural home made products we put ourselves back in control; the products become more traceable, we can see not only who made it possible for us to smell good or look flawless but we can thank them too. However perhaps just as importantly we are taking care of our well-being and the well-being of our family.

What I hope is that we can share recipes through Akoma so that we can find home made natural alternatives to make-up and skin care products. Like our own wonderful Raw Shea Butter which is a great natural alternative to petroleum jelly products.

I'll keep posting recipes I have found, but I hope you too will get involved.

Take care