Natural Colourants for Handmade Soap

beta carotene = yellow (less than 1/4 tsp. will colour over 15 lbs of soap!)
cinnamon = orange to brown
turmeric = yellow
paprika = red to brown
cocoa = brown to chocolate
chlorophyll = green
sage = green/musty to grey/green
beet = pink to rose
hibiscus = rose to purple
orange peel = yellow
fennel = green
dill = light to dark green
rosemary = green to brown
ginger = light caramel
blackberry = light mustard
blueberry = light mustard
lettuce = very pale green
carrot = light orange
rosehips = light to deep pink
cilantro = pale green at first, then brown
Marigolds = bright yellow or orange
Aloe Vera = pale green
rose petals = yucky brown
dandelions = faded yellow to brown flecks
cucumber = pale green
yellow cornmeal = light yellowish tan