The Magic Wonders of Babassu Oil (also known as "Babacu")

After reading about this all-round semi-soft light yellow oil, it sounds like the perfect beauty product. As I read more about this oil, the more I am starting to like it. Babassu tends to be harvested in Brazil and comes from the Babassu palm tree. The oil is cold pressed, and is extracted from the seeds of the fruit.

Babassu Oil has been compared to Coconut Oil.  I love coconut oil and use this myself in cooking and as a hair product for moisturising my scalp and hair. Traditionally Babassu Oil was used in cooking, but now it is found to have more uses. It has many qualities besides just being a wonderful moisturising oil. It can be used for ailments such as eczema, dry and itchy skin and also being beneficial for the scalp. I have not yet tried this for my own eczema, as the Hemp Oil seems to be doing wonders for my skin and I am almost scarred to stray away from this at the moment as I want to experience the full benefits of Hemp.

However, the Babassu Oil is known to have five fatty acids and Vitamin E which we know is wonderful for healing the skin due to reducing inflammation and helps with the renewing of skin cells. Never mind the eczema, this sounds perfect for anti- ageing!

Not only is this oil great for dry skin but also for those who have oily skin. This is due to the oil not leaving a residue on the surface of the skin but tends to balance the skins natural oils and is absorbent. Sounds perfect!
I also found out that this oil tends to be good in soaps and shampoos. This is due to the cleansing properties and not stripping the natural oils from the skin or hair. I may have to try this on my own scalp and hair, to moisturise my naturally curly hair that tends to suffer from dryness.

So this little wonder sounds good enough to try on its own, in creams, soaps and shampoos. What more can I ask for?

Until next time.