Time to take action: Eczema what Eczema

I am not too sure if Eczema can be cured, wherever I have read apparently not.  However, I have been doing some research on how to control and ease the symptoms. Also I have received some very good suggestions from our loyal customers. So thank you all for your feedback.

When it comes to bathing it has been advised to bath in warm water, not too hot. Using a mild soap and moisturising well after bathing. In fact keeping the skin moist is a must. This creates a barrier and locks in moisture into the skin.

Secondly, trying to avoid synthetic material and wool as these can irritate the skin. I have found wearing cotton clothing works best for me. Even if I wear long sleeve cotton tops underneath jumpers in the winter has worked. In addition, cotton allows the skin to breathe so we do not over heat.

It has been recommended to avoid foods that cause an allergic reaction. As I pointed this out in my previous blog, I have found that certain foods are not agreeable with me. Unfortunately it’s the foods I like. Time for new vices! In addition, from my own personal experience I wear protective gloves lined with cotton to avoid coming in contact with cleaning products and preventing irritation from household cleaning gloves.

I have read the use of perfumed products can irritate eczema. So limiting the use of perfumed products, such as soaps, body creams, lotions and body sprays. I tend to go chemical free wherever possible, even when using sun cream lotion.

Something I could learn to do and have read about that is beneficial, is to distress through meditation and exercise. So this is an area I will explore further. Yoga has always interested me due to its holistic benefits.

It is all too easy to forget the atmosphere in our home and general surroundings. It can be difficult to manage these especially in the work place. However, at least at home we can make small changes. Remembering that heating dries the atmosphere and air conditioning reduces the moisture in the air. The use of a humidifier can help with this.

As I have previously pointed out in an earlier article certain metals especially those included in jewellery can aggravate the skin. I have found this affects me especially rings. So now I limit on how often I wear jewellery, not only rings on my fingers but also necklaces.

Lastly Hemp Oil, this has many benefits for all round health. It contains amino and fatty acids and can be used in general cooking such as salad dressings. I feel that this could be another must for me to try. Not only that it will help with my eczema but due to the Hemp Oil being rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3 it can be used for many deficiencies. I know there are many good oils out there but I decided to focus on this one as it has been recommended by one of our customers and secondly I have not tried using Hemp Oil only Hemp Cream.

If any of you have any further ideas please share them as we would all love to learn more about Eczema and how to find relief for our dry and itchy skin. Eczema is not contagious but the quest to learn about managing our Eczema is.