Tried and Tested – The Eczemadition Continues

Since exploring what has been causing my eczema and the different types of treatment so widely available, this journey has been an educational one. After discovering I suffered from eczema as a small child, I learnt I did not start having this until after having childhood injections. Coincidental or a link, I may never know. I eventually grew out of the childhood eczema and then it reoccurred in later adult years. I am not too sure why this has happened or if anyone else has experienced a similar situation?

Since reading about the various treatments and using quite a few of creams stating suitable for eczema sufferers, I have now started experimenting making my own treatment. Not perfected and still a long way to go. I have tried many creams, some I may say worked and some well known products aggravated my eczema so much there were times the skin on my hands were hot, itchy and red raw. Not very attractive and drove me mad. The day when relief came is when I decided to stop using those creams that aggravated my skin. I also visited a Chinese herbalist. After drinking some concoction and bathing in as I describe it, herbal water made from a mixture of leaves, I did see a difference. My skin did heal after a period of time. I can only assume I was cleansed from the inside out. This makes me wonder about my not so healthy diet.

As it was recommended by one of our customers I have been using and taking hemp oil. I must say it is an acquired taste, may try the capsules next time. I have also devised my own cream. I decided to do this with having using Hemp cream before and thought I will try and make my own. So I mixed Akoma’s certified Raw Shea Butter, Coconut Oil Virgin Organic (Food Grade) Cold Pressed and Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Hemp Oil. I must say this creation is lovely on my skin and very moisturising. However, I am still yet to perfect this to get the right balance of each ingredient.

My next educational experience is to understand a little more about the various oils out there. This could mean I may be onto a winner in knowing what is suitable for my skin type. So please remember if you want to share your knowledge please do so as we love to hear from our customers own experiences.