Uses and Benefits of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

As promised yesterday, here are a list of the benefits and uses of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil.

Hair care

Massaging the scalp with pure Virgin Organic Coconut oil is said to improve the growth and condition of hair. 

One suggestion I recently read was to massage hair with warm Virgin Organic Coconut oil an hour before washing. Let it soak. Cover your head with a hot towel and wash your hair after an hour or so. Let me know if you have tried this method.

Fight off illness

Using Virgin Organic Coconut oil in your diet increases your metabolism, it also contains a fatty acid called lauric acid. Lauric acid metabolizes into monoglyceride. Monoglyceride has strong anti-pathenogenic properties. When the amount of naturally produced monoglyceride in your body increases, your body is more able to fight infection.

Try it by replacing the fats that you would normally use in cooking, such as in frying aim to have an intake of 2 to 4 tbsp. of coconut oil per day.

This oil has more recently been used by many customers to increase immunity to stop the spread of infections like swine flu.

Digestion and weight loss

As I mentioned earlier using Virgin Coconut oil in your diet increases your metabolism. This is why the Coconut oil diet has become so popular among celebrities and sports men and women.

Because the oil metabolizes easily the liver sends it straight to the bloodstream, less strain is placed on the digestive system which means that it reduces the risk of heart diseases. The oil also maintains cholesterol levels which help reduce the risk of heart diseases. In countries where the oil is used in place of vegetable oils they are found to have a lower chance of developing heart disease and stroke.

Stress relief

Apart from the dietary benefits of Coconut Oil that are likely to reduce stress and improve well being. Many people have also found coconut oil to be excellent for stress relief when gently massaged on head the oil relieves stress and cools the body.

Skin care and aging

It’s no surprise that so many body care, skin care and hair care products contain coconut. For a smooth skin that is wrinkle-free - apply some coconut oil and massage for a few minutes everyday. It repairs and moisturizes the skin

The antioxidant properties of coconut oil prevent premature ageing. Regular intake of coconut oil in the diet helps to keep the body feeling young and skin youthful.

Kidney and Liver

As mentioned earlier Virgin Organic Coconut oil aids digestion which prevents stomach problems. Also the health of vital organs such as the kidney and liver is improved by the acids in coconut oil which is yet another reason to replace oils in your diet with coconut oil.

Dental care

Doctors suggest women who are more prone to osteoporosis to include coconut oil in the  diet as it helps strengthening the bones. Coconut oil is great to help grow and maintain healthy teeth and bones. So it’s no great surprise that there are plenty of homemade toothpaste recipes that contain coconut oil.