Using Shea Butter on Dry/Curly Hair

Shea butter can be used to restore condition to hair, here are some simple steps you can try...

Step 1

Towel dry wet or pre-washed hair, hair needs to be slightly damp before applying the raw organic shea butter

Step 2

Put a small amount of Raw organic Shea butter into your hand.

Step 3

Massage the Raw organic shea butter into hair – starting at the roots and spreading out to the tips. Make sure to cover all of the strands of hair throughly.

Step 4

Run a wide-tooth comb gently through your hair for better coverage of the Raw organic shea butter.  You may also cover hair with a hot towel for better absorption.

Step 5 

Leave the Raw Organic Shea butter in your hair for about 20 to 30 minutes (if hair is very dry leave up to an hour before washing out). Rinse out with cool water.