Why are you staring at my hands?

There is a wealth of information available, to us who are suffering with Eczema. Where do we start reading and who and what do we believe.

After suffering from dry, hot, itchy and sometimes weeping patches over my hands, I decided enough is enough! For many years I have relied on creams from the doctors and chemist to control my eczema. Also I have done so much reading about Eczema it is difficult to know what the truth is, where the information has originally come from and what is the research based on.

So I made the decision to stop using all the creams so readily available over the counter and decided to take things into my own hands. During my quest to educate myself I found out there is so many different types of eczema. So I decided to look into this area a bit more. My eczema was predominately on the hands. This was set off from an allergic reaction possibly from fragrances, nickel, chemicals, rubber and plants. This made sense to me because I stopped using certain type’s soaps, hand creams and wore protective gloves when washing up and cleaning.

I currently use natural soap that is not made up with artificial fragrances and chemicals. In addition I read the label. This is a must, because I found a lot of companies are very good at marketing their brands but when it comes to reading the label I ask myself am I going to have a reaction to any one of these ingredients. So I decided to use soaps and creams that do not have a long list of ingredients that I can not pronounce or I have never heard of.

My own personal beauty regime is, less is more. Since taking things into my own hands I have noticed that my hands have started healing. Now I know why you are staring at my hands they are soft and gentle not like crocodile skin.

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