Cocoa Butter (Chocolate Aroma) Premium Unrefined Food Grade- Certified Organic

Cocoa Butter (Chocolate Aroma) Premium Unrefined Food Grade

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Theobroma cacao


Expeller Pressed 


Food and Cosmetics


The cocoa trees of which our butter is made are cultivated in the Dominica Republic. It contains about 5 IU of vitamin E per ounce and can be used as an emollient, skin softener, and protectant. 

COMMON USES:  Our Cocoa Butter may be used in a variety of cosmetic, toiletry, and pharmaceutical applications to reduce dryness and improve skin flexibility. 

Food: Try using our cocoa butter to make cakes, smoothies, desserts and ice cream   

Skincare: Use as a skin moisturiser or in conjunction with massage oils and our Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. 
Ingredients: 100% Cocoa Butter

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