Argan,Moroccan Oil (Deodorised) Organic

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

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Glass Bottle 30ml , 100ml , 250ml 
Aluminium 500ml , 1000ml 


Argania Spinosa


Cold-pressed & Deodorised


Therapeutic; beauty and hair products


The Argan tree is known as the tree of life in Morocco, its country of origin.  Since time immemorial, it provided the desert Berbers with many things they needed: firewood from fallen branches, fruits, and the precious, golden oil from the kernels of the tree’s fruit.  Although attempts have been made to grow the Argan outside of its native, Moroccan soil, these have been unsuccessful.   The remaining twenty million Argan trees are protected and their location now forms one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.  Harvesting is strictly controlled to ensure sustainability. 

Argan oil is very rich and anti-aging.  Despite its richness, the oil is easily absorbed.  The oil contains vitamins A and E, with the latter providing a natural anti-oxidant.  Our oil has a mild nutty aroma that disappears on application.

In combination with Akoma Raw Shea butter, argan oil forms a superlative deep moisturizer to nourish and rejuvenate dry, damaged, or aging skin – or skin that has had prolonged exposure to sun and wind.  Both the essential fatty acids and vitamin E help prevent premature aging and can fortify the skin in cold weather. 

The exceptional vitamin E and omega oils contained in the oil also make it extremely popular in hair products: it repairs and softens dry, brittle hair, without leaving a greasy or oily residue.   It is generally nourishing and leaves hair with an exceptional shine.   The oil can also be used on the nails to promote shine and healthy growth.

Common use: Anti-wrinkle products, body butter, soaps, shampoos, skin repair creams and lotions, eczema salves; helps to heal and fade scars, stretch marks, and acne; daily moisturizer for skin, hair, and nails; skin cleanser; as a base for massage oils.

  • Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E
  • Rich in saponins (which soften the skin)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant


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