Skincare Advice

  1. Don't wash your face too often.

I know how this sounds - particularly when our mothers probably told us otherwise. But washing your face too often can cause the skin to lose moisture. Make it two to three times a day – no more than that.

  1. Do not apply baby powder to heat rashes.

If you add baby powder before a rash occurs it can prevent rashes. But after a rash appears, baby powder only worsens symptoms by blocking pores.

  1. Regularly going to a sauna will not keep your skin healthy.

Too many trips to the sauna can lead to damage to veins leading to inflammation. Also, the heat can take away moisture from the skin and this will make you look older. So although it may feel like it cleanses your skin this is only the case if you use the sauna in moderation.

  1. Apply sunscreen as often as possible.

Applying sunscreen once before going out in sun is not enough, what is most important is the frequency of application. This is because the cream is washed off by water, sweat and various other factors. Apply your sunscreen often to really protect your skin.

  1. Wash your feet often when you have athlete's foot.

Some people say not to wash feet with soap when you have athlete's foot.  This is bad advice as the fungus that causes the disease is much more active under humid and hot weather. If you sweat a lot, then you should clean your feet often with soap and wear cotton socks to absorb the sweat.

  1. Do not dampen your feet with vinegar to treat athlete's foot.

This urban myth recommends soaking your feet in vinegar to kills the germs. This method can cause chemical burns in many cases. Also, the acid can kill the good part of the skin that protects inner tissues from harmful substances and cause inflammation. We suggest you consult a doctor instead.

A bit of advice I found, hope it's helpful.

Take care