Cellulite is harmless fat beneath the skin which appears bumpy as it pushes against connective tissue.

Most people across the world have cellulite that doesn’t affect them but the condition can be unsightly in some cases. 

Cellulite signs and symptoms:

Cellulite normally begins in adolescence and is more common in women. Areas of cellulite are puckered or lumpy, some describe it as having an ‘orange peel’ appearance. 

The skin on thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen is most commonly affected, but you might also find cellulite on your breasts and upper arms. 

Lifestyle tips: 

One of the biggest factors that makes cellulite noticeable is weight gain. Although those are more lean can suffer from it, leading an inactive lifestyle with an unhealthy diet can make cellulite obvious in areas where fat cells tend to settle. 

Keeping your body fat at the recommended amount for your height and making sure you take daily exercise can help reduce puckering cellulite causes on your skin.

It’s also been recommended that dry brushing cellulite can help break up fatty deposits under the skin and increase blood flow to the affected area. 

Diet tips:

If you suffer from cellulite, it could help soften its appearance by following a healthy diet that includes daily exercise.

Make sure you keep your weight within the correct BMI and if you need to lose weight, do so at a rate of 1lb - 2lb a week to keep your skin supple. You may also want to try strengthening the muscles in your thighs, buttocks and abdomen through core exercises as this can help reduce dimpled skin.

Staying hydrated helps your body get rid of excess fat that can rest beneath the skin. It’s recommended that we drink between eight to ten glasses of 200ml of liquid a day.

Akoma recommends:

As cellulite sits beneath the outer layer of your skin, it’s recommended to use products that penetrate its three layers: the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

Akoma Shea Butter is unrivalled for treating deep set skin issues like cellulite. This is because of its high count of principal fatty acids which increases its levels of vitamin A and E.

These vitamins keep your skin protected and supple, which are two key factors that helps cellulite break down.

Dry brush areas where your cellulite is visible and massage the butter in. Repeat as often as your prefer or until your cellulite fades.

We also recommend Akoma Coconut Oil as a deep moisturiser. Coconut Oil helps reduce the puckering caused by cellulite and helps to prevent it in future. The oil can also be used all over the body to smooth other damaged areas of skin.