Eu Organic

EU Organic

Some of our products are certified food grade, ie our raw shea butter. If you see this symbol against any of our products, it means that the products are food grade.

The EU organic farming logo offers consumers confidence about the origins and qualities of their food and drink and its presence on any product ensures compliance with the EU organic farming regulation.

Organic farming is a way of producing food that respects natural life cycles. It minimises the human impact on the environment and operates as naturally as possible, in accordance with objectives and principles including the following:

  • Crops are rotated so that on-site resources are used efficiently
  • Chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, antibiotics and other substances are severely restricted
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are banned
  • On-site resources are put to good use, such as manure for fertiliser or feed produced on the farm
  • Disease-resistant plant and animal species adapted to the local environment are used
  • Livestock are raised in a free-range, open-air environment and are fed on organic fodder
  • Animal husbandry practices are tailored to the various livestock species

Organic farming is part of an extensive supply chain, which also includes food processing, distribution and retailing.