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Cucumber Extract

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Origin : UK Colour: Colourless to pale yellow Aroma: Characteristic cucumber aroma
Cucumber Extract
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Cucumis Sativus Extract & Glycerine


Cucumis Sativus fruit extracted in propylene glycol and water; phenoxyethanol (preservative 0.1%)


The cucumber, from the gourd family, is believed to be native to India. As a popular culinary vegetable it has been cultivated in France since the 9th century, England since the 14th century, and in North America from the mid-16th century onwards.

We associate the cucumber with cooling properties and perhaps its best-known cosmetic use is for calming puffy eyes. Some say that cucumber’s soothing/anti-inflammatory properties are more reputed than scientifically-based, but cucumber extract does naturally contain a host of constituents that are beneficial for skin at the cellular level, including the minerals magnesium and potassium (which support the skin’s moisture retention and regulation), vitamin C and the phytochemical caffeic acid (antioxidant benefits).

The lutein within cucumber can help counteract melanogenesis, the process that can lead to skin pigmentation/discoloration. The component of silica will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines by giving a boost to the skin’s collagen. The extract also contains amino acids, proteins, and lipids.

The desquamation properties naturally within the product mean it can aid the skin's natural shedding of its outer layer during cell regeneration, helping it to look fresh and revitalised. Its astringent properties will help firm the skin and counter signs of aging.

There is in vitro research showing that the constituents in cucumber can help protect the skin against carcinogenic substances. All these benefits can be harnessed by using Akoma’s cucumber extract, which makes an ideal ingredient in facial treatments and formulas, both in beauty spas and at home. The suggested percentage/concentration in these kinds of products is 1–2%. In rinse-off products, such as face-wash, the suggested concentration is 0.5%.

This product is water-soluble, which means it won’t mix with home-made oil-based products but can be added to ready-made creams or your own water-soluble formulas.

Suggested uses:

Products for sensitive skin, bath, hair-care, skin-lightening, nail-care. Soaps, natural cleansers, makeup, and eye makeup, serums, moisturizers; face, neck, and eye lotions. Apply to cuts burns and insect bites to calm and soothe the skin.